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University of dundee online courses

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Becoming a student is an exciting and challenging decision. To help potential students through this important phase, we have created a special online programme

Discover Learning at Dundee fully prepares and qualifies potential students for undergraduate entry to the range of University of Dundee degrees, but Discover Learning at Dundee is also suitable for those simply wanting to get back into study. All potential undergraduate students, regardless of age or stage, can join our Discover Learning at Dundee programme – to give you some examples, if you are in any of the following groups, this course is aimed at you:

  1. I am about to leave school but have not / may not get entry grades required by the University of Dundee due to adverse circumstances (see access criteria in FAQ section) possibly including reasons such as not being able to study one or more subjects at school;
  2. I have not been involved in study recently, but would like to take a step-by-step route towards a degree at the University of Dundee;
  3. I have been taught at home but need more grades to qualify for University of Dundee entry;
  4. I want to progress from College to the University of Dundee and need to prepare and / or qualify.

University of dundee online courses

Antimicrobial Stewardship: Managing Antibiotic Resistance Certificate

Understand antimicrobial resistance and how antimicrobial stewardship can slow down or reduce its occurrence.

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The World Health Organisation when reporting on the escalating threat of antimicrobial resistance [AMR] warned that without urgent action we’re heading for an era in which common infections, which have been treatable with antibiotics for decades, can kill once more. In some parts of the world this sadly is already a reality.

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