University of dundee nursery

By | 24th May 2017

University of dundee nursery

University of Dundee Nursery

The University of Dundee Nursery is located in the Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA). From January 2016 we will be doubling our capacity and operating an additional campus based facility at Airlie Place, Dundee.

We provide childcare for ages 0-5 years and aim to prepare children for entry into primary education.

Places are available full-time or part-time. There is often a waiting list so we are unable to guarantee an on demand service and you are advised to enquire and apply early. Children under 2 can be added to the waiting list in advance. The nursery is registered with several childcare voucher schemes.

University of dundee nursery

Opening Hours

The University Nursery is open from 8.15am – 5.15pm Monday through Friday 50 weeks of the year. It is closed for two weeks over the Christmas period.

Nursery Staff

All staff are qualified to SNNB or HNC level. The staff to children ratio is 1 adult per 5 children (2-3 years), and 1 adult to 8 children (3-5 years).

Assistance with Childcare Costs

Childcare costs can affect the ability of students to consider coming to University or, if existing arrangements change, their ability to remain here.

Financial Aid from the Scottish Government provides the University with Childcare Funds (commonly referred to as Discretional Funds) to assist student parents with formal childcare arrangements during semester. Limited support may be available during the summer e.g. for those needing to resit exams or attend academically required placements. Please see Student Funding for more information and the application form.

University of Dundee Nursery
Balfour Street, DUSA
Dundee DD1 4HN
Scotland, UK

  +44 (0)1382 385188

University campus map

University of dundee nursery

Information and Fees

University of Dundee Nursery Fees

These fees are fully inclusive of all food – parents will need to provide any formula milk.

Cooked lunches will be provided for all children in Airlie Place and nappies and wipes will be provided for all children under 3 years (no special nappies will be purchased for individual children).

Late collection charge (same for all) £9.75 per 5 minutes – this starts 1 minute after child’s session ends


0-2 Years 3-5 Years
Full Week £150.00 £108.50
Full Day £35.00 £26.75
Morning £21.00 £17.00
Afternoon £20.00 £16.00

Staff L1 (pay grade 1 – 7)

0-2 Years 3-5 Years
Full Week £165.00 £145.00
Full Day £38.00 £34.00
Morning £22.50 £18.50
Afternoon £21.50 £17.50

Staff L2 (pay grade 8 and above)

0-2 Years 3-5 Years
Full Week £175.00 £155.00
Full Day £40.00 £36.00
Morning £23.50 £21.50
Afternoon £22.50 £20.50

Non Staff/Non Students

0-2 Years 3-5 Years
Full Week £185.00 £165.00
Full Day £42.00 £38.00
Morning £24.50 £22.50
Afternoon £23.50 £21.50

Make an Enquiry

University of dundee nursery

Your First Day

It’s often useful for parents to get an idea of what their child’s first full day will look like. Here’s an example of the pre-arrival letter we sent to ‘Amelia’ before she started at University of Dundee Nursery.  As you can see it was full of fun, games and learning with reassurance and help always closeby.

Hello Amelia,

LeanneWelcome to the University of Dundee Nursery! You will be starting nursery on Monday 29September and will be in the Blue Group. Leanne Swadel will be your Key Person, here is a picture of Leanne.

Other staff who will be looking after you are, Anne McIntosh, Amanda Johnston, Teresa Finlayson, Lena Ogilvie, Judy Anderson, Laura Bell and Leanne Milne. You can ask any of the ladies for help at any time.

When you start nursery you will have a special peg with your name on it in the cloakroom. When you arrive each day you will be able to hang your coat and bag on the peg and change into your indoor shoes.

When you come into the nursery each time you will have a choice of toys to play with usually in both the big room and the quiet room. In the quiet room it can get quite noisy with the computer and musical instruments!

If you need any help you can speak to any of the ladies.

In the mornings you will be offered snack between 9.15 and 10.15, then in the afternoon again between 2.30 and 3.30. Mummy or Daddy will prepare a packed lunch for you to eat at lunchtime with your friends or if you are at our new nursery at Airlie Place then lunch will be cooked for you.

You will have a special group time in the morning and afternoon when you will spend time with your key group. This is a time when you will decide together what type of things you would like to do and learn about.

You will have a special folder called a Learning Journey where some of your work will go, you will be able to see this when you would like to and can ask for things to go into it. Your Learning Journey will be taken to your school before you leave the nursery so that your new teacher can see what you have been doing at the nursery. You will get it back at the end of primary 1.

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