University of dundee journal access

University of dundee journal access

Access to Electronic Resources

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User Names and Passwords

We subscribe to a variety of online journals, ebooks and databases to support the teaching and research of the University. Most of these resources can be accessed off campus using your standard University username and password (the same one which you use to access dMail and My Dundee). Some resources also require you to sign in when on campus (e.g. Chronicle, ZETOC).

Do I need to register?

For most users, the access is set up for you automatically, and you do not have to register specially. For people who are not members of the University of Dundee, the University does operate an Associate Staff user system, which may grant user accounts in certain circumstances. This may be suitable for individuals who are heavily involved in working at and with the University, but who are not employed by it, and who require access to the University’s IT network (including email) and Library facilities. If you think you may be entitled to Associate user status please request access via the Associate Staff Request Form.

Please note that students from other Universities or institutions are not normally eligible to access the University of Dundee IT network or Library eresources.

University of dundee journal access

Using your login

You can find and log in to eresources from

Please remember that for each resource, the way to log in will look slightly different. Some resources can only be accessed through special links from the LLC web pages and catalogue.

Look out for the following options (publishers may use any one of these phrases)

  • Institutional login
  • Shibboleth login
  • UK Access Management Federation
  • UK Federation
  • Log in via your home organisation.

To give you an idea of what to expect, please see our page showing screenshots of the login process.

Find It Service

Find It is a research tool which can speed up your use of the electronic resources provided by the Library. More information.

How to log out

The safest way to log out of your University of Dundee Login is to close all browser windows. Some resources may provide a Logout link or button, but that will not log you out of the central University of Dundee authentication system. If you are using a public computer, it is particularly important to close the browser windows. If you do not, anyone else using the computer after you may be able to access resources under your name: even resources which you were not using yourself.

University of dundee journal access

Safety on the web

Before you enter your University of Dundee username and password, please check the web address of the page being displayed. The University of Dundee Login address begins and you should check that this is shown before entering your username and password. A malicious person might try to trick you into divulging your login details by setting up a page which looks like the University of Dundee Login page. By checking the web address you can reduce that risk. It is particularly important to check when using a service you have not used before.