University of dundee finance

University of dundee finance

Finance Office

   The Finance Directorate is responsible for the management of the University’s financial affairs. It contributes to the strategic direction of the University and provides financial advice and support to the senior management team and Court.

The Directorate supports and advises both school and professional service management teams. It also delivers services relating to; student finance; customer credit control; supplier and staff payment; research finance; payroll; treasury and banking; taxation, VAT and other taxes; and insurance.

The services provided by Finance are:

How to Buy Goods

Information about how to buy goods and who to buy from can be found on the Procurement website.

University of dundee finance

The Insurance section of the Finance Office has “executive” responsibility for the Insurance Policies held by the University.

The operational effectiveness of the policies is reviewed regularly in liaison with the University’s insurance broker (Henderson Corporate of Leeds). The brokers are appointed following an open tendering exercise. Policies are reviewed annually by the Committee.

Inventory of items

All Departments of the University are required to keep an inventory of items of equipment and other assets under their control.

The Finance Office maintains an equipment asset register, based on returns submitted by departments, reconciled to capitalised elements in the annual accounts. A register of properties and the associated deeds are also controlled by the Insurance section.

Business Travel & Personal Accident Insurance

University employees (and their School or Directorate) are expected to make sure that they have appropriate travel and personal accident/emergency health insurance cover when they travel outside the UK on university business. Within the UK, it is advisable that flights, ferry journeys and overnight stays away from home are also covered.

Those relying for cover on their personal travel or agency provided insurance should check that their policy includes ‘Business’ Travel and Personal accident/ Emergency health treatment cover when abroad.