University of dundee estates

University of dundee estates

Estates & Buildings

The Estates & Buildings Department undertake activity in relation to the strategic planning, development, alteration and operation of the physical estate and buildings and their services, supporting the educational and other activities of the University.

Image of Sir James Black Centre
Sir James Black Centre


In the last five years, we have transformed much of the city campus into one we can be rightly proud of. We have invested over £200m in the development of new and refurbished learning and teaching space, research accommodation, and residential, sport and social facilities. Seven of our historic buildings on the Geddes Quadrangle and College Green have been given a new lease of life with contemporary interiors and extensive statutory compliance works. This work was envisaged in the last Estate Strategy (2003), the priorities of which were to create sustainable, fit for purpose, attractive, effective and intensively used accommodation. This supported the University’s commitment to achieving excellence in learning and teaching, promoting pure and applied research and scholarship at international levels of excellence and enabling staff and students to develop to their full potential in an environment of equal opportunity.


Dalhousie Lecture theatre


A key objective of the Estate is to Contribute to environmental sustainability by developing and managing buildings, spaces and equipment efficiently. Considering ways to achieve a more intensive use of the estate through space planning and an awareness of new ways of working and learning. Ensuring that the University uses energy carefully and promotes environmentally responsible practices at all levels by staff, students and visitors.

University of dundee estates

Walks around campus

Start your day with a healthy brisk walk to the campus.

Walking to work has several benefits:

  • save money on fuel, parking and transport costs
  • keep fit and reduce stress
  • enjoy higher energy levels throughout the day


The Facilities section of Estates look after the day-to-day operation of the Campus buildings. Find out more about what we do below: