University of dundee education

University of dundee education

Education MA (Hons)

Our combination of primary curriculum content, practical school experience and educational theory will prepare you to teach in both nursery and primary schools.

Thinking of a career in teaching? Discover what is involved, the skills and experience required and whether it is the right career for you by visiting the Education Scotland Website

Our course at the University of Dundee will prepare you to teach children in 3-12 years age range both in Scotland and in many other countries throughout the world.

The course is very well regarded by our students. It is highly rated consistently in the annual National Student Survey. Students feel that they are particularly well-supported by our course tutors.

University of dundee education

Education MA

The course is the first in Scotland to be accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organisation

Our MA (Hons) Education leads to a qualification to teach children in the 3-12 years age range (nursery and primary schools). This course, developed in response to recent national recommendations and other developments in teacher education in Scotland, replaces the old traditional BEd Primary Education course.

Teaching is an exciting and rewarding occupation, requiring a variety of professional skills in communication, management and organisation. Teachers must be able to relate well to other people, exercise a considerable degree of understanding and patience, and rise to the physical, social and emotional demands that the job brings.

Nurturing a vibrant, dynamic, international and inter-disciplinary community is at the heart of what we do. The MA (Hons) Education course draws upon modules from across the University as well as offering shared interactive learning with students preparing for careers in social work and community learning and development. This is excellent preparation for collaboration with people from other professions later in your career as a teacher.