University of dundee dentistry

University of dundee dentistry

Dundee’s School of Dentistry is at the vanguard in developing and promoting techniques to tackle one of the world’s most common childhood diseases: dental caries, or tooth decay.

The Dental School here in Dundee provides great opportunities for studying as an undergraduate. We have a committed team of staff who work together to create an exciting and vibrant environment for study which ever course you choose. Whether you are looking for a career as a dentist or a dental therapist you will find all the information you need in these pages to start your career here with us in Dundee.

A dynamic and supportive School with an innovative and challenging curriculum, we thoroughly prepare students of dentistry and oral health sciences for professional life and graduate studies.

Undergraduate programmes

University of dundee dentistry


     The Dental School is situated in the heart of the Main University Campus, and therefore Dental postgraduate students are in close proximity with researchers and research opportunities in other parts of the University, as well as to library, recreational, culinary and sports facilities.

Dental postgraduate students in Dundee benefit from exposure to cutting edge research in a well established research environment throughout their period of study. There are also excellent clinical facilities for those students undertaking taught clinical programmes. Postgraduate students from many parts of the world work in a close knit, integrated environment within the school with an active research culture & research opportunities including seminars, invited lectures and generic skills courses.

In addition to our home students from various parts of Scotland and the UK, currently there are postgraduate PhD research students from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Bahrain, Nigeria, Singapore and New Zealand, and these students work alongside colleagues from all over the world on the popular Taught Masters courses in Prosthodontics (MDSc) and Cancer research (MSc).