University of dundee data science

University of dundee data science

The MSc Data Science will equip you with the skills and knowledge for the next generation of data storage and analysis.


There has been a recent upsurge in commercial interest in the new role of “data scientist”. This MSc (which can be studied part time or full time) , will prepare you to become  an data scientist, a person who excels at manipulating and analysing data, particularly large data sets that don’t fit easily into tabular structures (so-called “Big Data”).

The MSc Data Science at the University of Dundee is unique both in the material it delivers and in the way it is taught. Aimed at people currently working in IT who wish to obtain a formal qualification whilst continuing to work, our program will equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed in Data Science, whether you are already working in the field or you wish to move into this exciting and growing area.

Aimed at existing professionals who are in employment, the course is usually taken part-time over two years; although it can be taken full time or as stand-alone modules or as a PG Cert.

University of dundee data science

The course is delivered via a blend of:

  • Distance Learning – all the teaching material is on-line
  • Lectures – the students travel to the University for face to face lectures; typically 2-3 lectures a week for 20 weeks of the year

Much of the course is delivered via ‘distance learning’ material – assignments and projects are done at home and recorded lectures are distributed during the semesters. We then augment the distance learning material with face to face teaching and the benefit of interaction it brings. By far the majority of the lectures are delivered in blocks called “Intensive weeks”; there are two intensive weeks for each of the two part-time years. These intensive weeks are held in January and April.

The modules that comprise the course were written for this course and not constructed from pre-existing material, ensuring that all modules are relevant and tightly integrated.  These modules can be taken either on a stand-alone basis or as a PGCert.

University of dundee data science

Who should study this course?

We are looking for students with:

  • Insatiable curiosity
  • Interdisciplinary interests
  • Excellent communication skills

You’ll be taught by experts in Data Science who work within the industry and also carry out research work at the highest level in the topics covered. These range from ways of handling big data, though OLAP analysis, languages for data science and data mining and machine learning.

What is the difference between Data Science and Business Intelligence?

There is a huge overlap with Business Intelligence.  A BI specialist will need to understand data and data analytics. They have a bias towards understanding data storage in current enterprise operational systems.  They may also design and install an analytical system, such as a data warehouse.

A data scientist will be less concerned with the design of a data warehouse. They will be more interested in the message the specific sets of data can deliver. They may find it difficult to interrogate data, for its secrets, without some understanding of data warehouses.

If you already have:

  • a strong grounding in Business Intelligence
  • and would like to upgrade your knowledge to include topics from the Data Science MSc,

– then we offer the relevant Data Science modules either on a stand alone basis or as a PGCert.

The course is also available part time. This may suit you if you are already in employment and wish to take a MSc whilst still working full time.

University of dundee data science

Our facilities

You will have 24-hour access to our award winning and purpose-built Queen Mother Building. It has an unusual mixture of lab space and breakout areas, with a range of conventional and special equipment for you to use. It’s also easy to work on your own laptop as there is wireless access throughout the building. Our close ties to industry allow you access to facilities such as Windows Azure and Teradata, and university and industry standard software such as Tableau.

The University of Dundee, and in particular the School of Science & Engineering, maintains a friendly, intimate and supportive atmosphere, and we take pride in the fact that we know all of our students. We have a thriving postgraduate department with regular seminars and guest speakers.