University of dundee car parking

University of dundee car parking

Car parking

Car parking on City Campus between 08:00 – 17:30 Monday to Friday is limited to permit holders.

Frequent inspections are made of parking areas. See full Parking Regulations

Staff Parking Permit Charges

1 October to 30 September 2016

Annual Permit
Grades 1-8


Annual Permit
Grade 9+


Annual Part Time
for part time staff working 20 hours or less on Grades 1-6


Salary Sacrifice (for yearly permits)

You can arrange for 1/12 of your permit cost to deducted from your monthly salary to spread the cost. You’ll need to complete a paper application form for this method of payment.

Pay As You Go permit


plus Pay As You Go parking charges Monday – Friday. Permit holders get free parking at weekends.

Permits are limited in number. An application for a permit is not a guarantee you will receive one.
If you have purchased a permit for the year, but would rather travel in by alternative means a refund can be made.

University of dundee car parking

Parking without a permit or other infringements will incur a charge of £30 per day

Parking without a permit, or other infringements of the parking regulations will be subject to a Civil Charge on each occasion of offence. If you have received a civil charge you can pay the charge online

Paper Application Forms

If you wish to use salary sacrifice please use a paper form.
Please complete and return to the Car Parking Administrator.

Ninewells Campus

Car Parking for students and visitors to Ninewells Hospital & Medical School is administered by Indigo Parking on behalf of NHS Scotland. There is a free car park some distance from the main entrance. Permits are available to staff on the payment of an annual fee – ask your department for further information.

Kirkcaldy Campus

There are two car parking areas at the Kirkcaldy Campus. Enter the main car park via Forth Avenue and the second via Whyte Melville Road. There are over 150 parking spaces available to students and staff at no charge. See Kirkcaldy Campus Map.