University of dundee business transformation

University of dundee business transformation

Over the next five years, Business Transformation will completely change the way we work at the University of Dundee.

  • We’ll have a culture of continuous improvement where you’re empowered to make things better
  • Our processes and structure will help us to deliver a common good across the institution
  • Our systems will be intuitive, reliable, and accessible from any device, anywhere
  • We’ll offer a better experience to staff and students in many of their most common interactions with our professional services.

Those professional services (Finance, HR, Research and Student Services) are essential to delivering our strategy, and achieving our ambition of being Scotland’s leading university.

University of dundee business transformation

What is Business Transformation?

Business Transformation will change the way we work at a cultural, organisational and technological level.

It’s much more than a systems replacement programme – it’s an investment in our ambition to become Scotland’s leading university.

We want to deliver repeatable, reliable ways of working supported by strong data that enables strategic decisions, to deliver excellence in research and learning. By giving our people the right skills, expertise and technology we’ll ensure the University continues its mission of transforming lives.

Strategic objectives

The programme has six strategic objectives, aligned to the University’s vision and strategy:

  1. Review and re-engineer business processes to reduce duplication and inefficiency
  2. Improve the governance of information across the University
  3. Create a co-ordinated, cohesive, single team approach to university administration
  4. Foster a culture of continuous improvement
  5. Enable better management information and business intelligence
  6. Enable decisions to be focused on bsuiness objectives and growth in productivity
  7. Improve operational effectiveness and create a higer level of service

University of dundee business transformation

What this will mean for our people?

  • We’ll implement the best ways of working so we can spend more time on what matters most (our Learning, Teaching and Quality)
  • The quality of our data will improve and will be accessible to all who need it
  • We’ll use the improved data to enable strategic decision making and planning
  • We’ll deliver high quality services to Schools, Directorates and the University communities in line with the University priorities
  • Through automation and self-service we’ll empower our staff to have responsibility for their own data
  • We’ll continually review how we do things and try to make them better

University of dundee business transformation

What will change?

  • We’ll optimise the way we work, including processes, structure and behaviours
  • We’ll implement consistent processes across the organisation
  • We’ll develop a culture of continuous improvement at all levels
  • We’ll replace diverse, disconnected systems with the OneUniversity solution – you can find out more about this on its dedicated page.

Why do we need to change?

In the 50 years our University has been independent, the world has changed dramatically. Those changes, often enabled by technology, have changed our students, staff and society’s expectations of us. We need to respond and, where possible, exceed those expectations. It’s a challenge and an opportunity that can help us to transform lives in new, surprising ways.