University of dundee brand

University of dundee brand

The University of Dundee brand toolkit


This toolkit describes our brand identity standards, enables access to our brand assets, and provides guidance on the use of those assets. It also clarifies our marketing position, personality, our visual identity and our tone of voice. It will help you understand how we want to communicate and how we keep our brand identity consistent.

A brand is our audience’s perception of us. Branding is the process of shaping that perception.

Who are these guidelines for?

Anyone at the University of Dundee who communicates on the University’s behalf should find this manual a useful resource. For marketers it can be a useful starting point for developing campaign ideas and reaching out to audiences. Writers and content generators should refer to our tone of voice guide and general principles before crafting copy. Designers, in both the print and digital realms, can refer to typographic, colour and photography standards for consistency, and use the best practice examples as a launch pad for creativity.

University of dundee brand

Why is a strong brand important?

Perception and positioning

At its most basic, our brand is our audience’s perception of us. Brand positioning helps us to define how we are perceived in the minds of our most important audiences. To ensure we are successful our positioning should be clearly differentiated from our competition, be easily understood and stand for something that is compelling and genuine. Our brand positioning is more than simply a definition of who we are or how we express it. It should serve as the starting point for the way we are organised and all that we say and do. It’s about what we want people to feel when they experience the University of Dundee, and remember when they move on.

Many schools, one university

We became an independent university fifty years ago. Today our University is organised into nine distinct schools. Each of these schools has their own unique traits, but it is important we present ourselves to our audience with consistency and unity and that we ensure the successes of each school reflect well on each other.