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By | 19th May 2017

University of dundee box

How To Use Box?

It’s very easy to get going with Box and it’s even easier to use.


Getting started

We recommend that you take a look at the following resources to help you get started:

Once you have logged into Box, check out these extra resources which are found in the ‘Welcome to Box’ folder (you can go back to these resources again if you wish):

Note: this does not include files or folders located on the S: Drive unless agreed to by the Dean or Director as part of the Corporate roll out.

Key tasks on Box

There are a range of features that help you get the most out of Box:

University of dundee box

Other useful information

Storing information on Box

All University of Dundee users need to understand their responsibilities when handling information to help the University to meet its legal and moral duties. When thinking about storing information of a confidential or sensitive nature on Box please read our Information Compliance Guidance.

Box Apps at Dundee

Box has over 50,000 applications that can help you keep up with your productivity. The University of Dundee has an approved list of applications which may be installed on campus machines. Check the list of available applications below:

Box Applications Student Desktop Staff Desktop Mobile Device
Box Sync No Yes Yes
Box for Office Yes Yes Yes
Box Notes Yes Yes Yes

For standalone, personal and mobile devices to see the full list of available Box applications.

University of dundee box





What is Box?

Box is an online file store, sync and share service.


Who is eligible for a Box account?

All students and staff have access to Box to store, but also to safely and securely collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders.


Is Box replacing other University online storage services?

Box provides an enhanced file storage experience that supports students and staff to easily access and share files.  Other file storage solutions are suitable for certain uses.  More information can be found on the File Storage Services page.


What happens to my Box account after I leave the university?

Your UoD Box account will close after you terminate your affiliation with the University. You will receive a notification prior to your account being closed and you will be prompted to move your files to a Box personal (lite) account.


What are the main differences between Box and Dropbox?

Box has a lot of collaborative features in comparison to Dropbox. There is a handy guide that shows the differences.