University of dundee alumni

University of dundee alumni

Graduates’ Association

The Royal Charter established The University of Dundee and provided for a Graduate’s Association. The Graduates’ Association is governed in accordance with:

Students who graduate from Dundee University with either a Degree or Diploma automatically become life members of the Graduates’ Association. Honorary Graduates are also members of Graduates’ Association. In total there are some 60,000 members of Graduates Association spread across 150+ countries, and that number grows each year. Graduates of the following colleges are also members of University of Dundee Graduates’ Association:

  • Queens College (University College)
  • Northern College of Education (Dundee)
  • Dundee College of Education
  • Tayside College of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Fife College of Health Studies
  • Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art

The Graduates’ Association meets at least once each year, at which time an the Principal’s annual report is received. In between times business is progressed by the Graduates’ Association Business Committee, which meets twice a year on Saturday mornings usually in December and May, and receives reports from Vice Principal, Director of External Relations, Alumni and Development officer and from Graduates’ Association Members of Court. The Business Committee may also suggest possible nominees to the Honorary Degrees Committee.

University of dundee alumni

The Business Committee is made up of:

  • Eight members of Graduates’ Association who are elected at an Annual Meeting. These six members are elected in groups of two, each serving a four-year term
  • Up to 2 co-opted members
  • The Convener of the Business Committee
  • The Chairman of the University Court
  • The Graduates’ Association members of the University Court
  • President of DUSA or their nominee
  • A member nominated by the Academic Council

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University of dundee alumni

Alumni Card

The University of Dundee Alumni Card

An Alumni Card has the benefit of access to Scotland’s top Student’s Union at Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) and the hottest student nightclub in Scotland ‘Mono’.