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Participate – What impact do you want to make? What projects can you get involved in?

Collaborate – What is good practice in community impact? What support can you get?

Celebrate – What impact on the community do you have?

Union Volunteers are extraordinary students.

A remarkable group that far exceed the limits of their peers through their powers of initiative by coming to the aid their local community.

Union Volunteers are superheroes.

Centred around providing both one-off volunteering opportunities and student led projects for Derby students, Union Volunteers prides itself in building strong ties with a variety of local community groups.

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Union Volunteers isn’t the only place you can access volunteering opportunities within the university. By clicking on the below links, you’ll be redirected to:

For further information, please contact the UDSU Volunteering Team at

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The University of Derby (formerly Derby College of Art and Technology or simply Derby College) is a public university in the city of Derby, England. It traces its history back to the establishment of the Derby Diocesan Institution for the Training of Schoolmistresses in 1851 and gained university status in 1992 as one of the new universities.

The university provides over 300 study programmes at undergraduate level. Undergraduate programmes as well as short courses, foundation degrees and postgraduate degrees cover most academic disciplines and subdisciplines.

Currently the university is home to around 34,000 students in all areas of study.