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What are the benefits of using Unimail?

It is part of the University’s email system so you won’t have to worry about your messages being blocked or treated as ‘spam’ and vice versa.  This means we know you’ve got our mails, and you can trust we’ve got yours.

You may have to manage a personal and a University email account, just as you’d have to manage a personal and work email address when employed.

How do I get my email address?

Once your enrolment has been confirmed, your University (UDo) account and University Office 365 email account will be created within 24-48 hours.

New Students
If you are a new student please refer to your ‘Getting Started’ booklet to find out how to use your account for the first time.  If you would like some assistance with this, please visit our IT Help Desk at Kedleston Road or our IT Help Desk based at Britannia Mill (both located within the Library).  Alternatively you can contact us on:

Tel: (01332) 59 1234

What should I use my Unimail account for?

You should use Unimail  for any University-related emails, such as contacting lecturers or departments.  This is also the only address that the University will email you on once it has been activated.  Therefore check it regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on any important messages.

However, if you contact us with regards to a problem you are experiencing with Unimail, we may ask you to provide us with another contact address in order for us to communicate with you while we work on the issue.

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