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University of Derby Nightlife

University of Derby Nightlife, A guide to university life

By Veronica Wall
There’s more to university than books and exams you know! Take a look through our alphabetical guide to living, eating and breathing uni life in Derby. Part two explores N through to Z.

N is for nightlife…

The student nightlife in Derby is varied and appealing to everyone. Blue Note is famous for entertaining the indie massive, whereas Spank is more suited to the cheese lovers. The Friary provides  a more laid back atmosphere with cheap drinks, reasonably priced food and comfy sofas; perfect for a Sunday afternoon drink and a game of pool.

O is for overdraft…


Thankfully it goes up each year you’re at uni but remember, you still have to pay it back so try not to get too deep into debt if you don’t have to. Students are quick to forget that when you finish university the free money they’re so used to stops and reality beckons!

P is for parking…

Parking ticket

Parking at the university is a nightmare so if possible, use public transport. The uni operates a comprehensive bus network at discounted prices for students. There is parking on the Broadway but this fills up very quickly so you may end up driving in circles for hours before you even get a glimpse of an empty space. Parking attendants are also very hot in this area and have a habit of giving out tickets for the most minor of offenses.

Q is for queuing…

Queuing to get rations

Queuing for registration at the beginning of term, queuing for your student ID card, queuing for the canteen, queuing to hand in an assignment, queuing to get a book out in the Learning Centre, queuing to get into Spank on a Wednesday night; queuing for the toilet, a drink and your coat! The list is endless so be prepared to spend alot of time staring at the back of someone’s head!

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