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University of Derby Kedleston Road Parking

University of Derby Kedleston Road Parking, I have been able to renew my permit in previous years why can’t I this year?

The number of spaces available for student parking at Kedleston Rd has been reduced this year therefore it has been necessary to apply a strict criteria when assessing a persons need to park on site. Because of the change in criteria we have asked that any student who feels that they have an exceptional need to park atr Kedleston Road make a brand new application

What criteria do I need to meet?

To be eligible you will fall into one of the following categories:

  1. You need a permit on medical grounds or are disabled but do not have a Blue Badge (You will need to provide evidence such as a Doctor’s Letter) If you are a Blue Badge holder click here
  2. You are more than 25 weeks Pregnant (We will need to see your MatB1)
  3. You are a Part Time Student and are studying around work or external commitments (We will check your status upon application. Part Time recovery students are not eligible)
  4. If you are full time and live more than 15miles away during term time and either have children under the age of 11 and or have caring responsibilities (We will ask for evidence of your circumstances)

How much will it cost?

The Kedleston Road permit is free. But you must pay and display when using the car park. Costs to pay and display are £2.50 for up to 4 hours and £5.00 over 4 hours

Parking is free after 4.30pm on weekdays and free all day at weekends.

Blue Badge holders and Motorcycles are free

Failure to pay and display may result in you being issued with a parking fine and in extreme cases, we reserve the right to revoke your permit.