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University of Derby Internships, An internship is a period of paid work experience. If you are employing a student we need to protect their study time so term time employment is a maximum of 16 hours. Summer is a good time to employ students full time as the vacation period is May to September. Graduates would be available to work full time at any time of year.

The work typically includes tasks and responsibilities normally associated with a professional level position which gives meaningful experience that enhances the students’ employability and skills.

We can advertise any paid internship opportunity and offer a fully managed recruitment service to ensure you get the right student or graduate for your business. If you are small or medium sized business or charity you may be eligible for a £500 subsidy towards the cost of an intern with the Derby Internship Programme.

You can submit details of your vacancies via our online employers portal (the first time you do this you can quickly register to create your own employer account). Alternatively, you can email us details of you vacancy (including outline job description, desired start date, duration of internship, how you want to receive applications and a closing date if you’ve set one)

To discuss your requirements in more detail please call the Employer Engagement Team on 01332 592939

We provide an increasing number of opportunities to work with local sports clubs and organisations as part of the Sport and Exercise Internship Programme. Derby County FC, Leicester Tigers RFC and Derbyshire Cricket Club are among some of the clubs who have approached us to provide interns to support their athletes.

You’ll be invited to apply for these positions and interviewed to check suitability. Unlike work placements these are not formally assessed but provide excellent opportunities for networking and developing employability skills. You’ll gain first-hand experience working with athletes in an applied, and sometimes research based, setting to understand applying what you learn in class to real life.

Damon Eaton carried out his Internship with The Rugby League Team.
“I coach the warm up part of training at almost every session and before a match. I have also taken the training session on a few occasions in the absence of Jack, including designing my own session. I also help with everything I can and contribute during his training sessions with coaching points for the players. I also wrote a generic weight training programme for the players to use in the gym.”

Paul Mildenhall completed his Internship with Team Derby

“Some of the work I have done with Team Derby includes:

  • Freshers Fair- I approached students to get them to fill in data cards on what sports they wished to participate in.
    I helped to put this information into a database to see which sports were the most popular.
  • A couple of weeks later I had to approach students to get them to register their interest in intra mural football and netball leagues.
  • Volunteer fair- I was on a stand getting students to sign up for Team Derby in the Community coaching/ volunteering opportunities and coaching course bursaries.”