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University of Derby Hospital, The Derby Education Centre is based at Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We pride ourselves on our close working relationship with the local providers of health care, whether that is with the acute sector, the wide range of mental health care provision, or the primary care sector.

Students obtain practical experience at both the London Road Community Hospital and the Royal Derby Hospital. Placement experiences are also available in several large psychiatric hospitals and in smaller community hospitals and units.

In June 2012 the Education Centre moved to a purpose built site within the new Royal Derby Hospital, one of the biggest hospitals in the East Midlands. We will continue to promote close contacts with our practice colleagues but it is also a unique opportunity to promote inter-professional learning with The University of Nottingham Medical School at Derby.

Courses available at Derby Education Centre

We currently offer the following courses at our Derby Education Centre:

  • Graduate Entry Nursing
  • Learning Beyond Registration

The six bed hospital ward is complete with teaching facilities, a nurses station, patient bathroom, patient mobility equipment and simulated learning patients to provide a lifelike taste of working in a modern hospital.

Each bay on the ward has a hospital bed with moving table, personal belongings cupboard and visitors chair.

The hospital ward also features the following:

  • Two drugs trolleys
  • Video cameras in each bay with DVD recording and playback facilities for both post training analysis and employer training evidencing
  • Manual handling equipment including hoists, slings, patient riser and sliding boards, and dead weight mannequins
  • Clinical and hand hygiene equipment

Equipment and consumables can be provided for your practical training sessions including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Injection
  • Catheterisation
  • Cannulation
  • Examination
  • Patient assessment mannequins and trainers

For more information or to book the facilities please email us or call 01332 592326