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Being a graphic designer is fun, stimulating and inspiring. Designers are creative problem solvers, and because every problem is different, every day is different. You will be challenged to think differently, even professional designers are constantly developing their skills. There are always new trends, new technologies, new ideas, and new sources of inspiration – a creative mind never stops learning. It is more than just a job – it’s a way of life.

The course is studio based, practical, hands-on and creative. It offers you many different ways to make graphic design work as you explore the different contexts and formats in which graphic design is experienced. It allows you to decide what kind of designer you want to be. It will test and challenge you to expand your understanding and knowledge of what graphic design is, what it can do and what it is for.

You will be introduced to typography and layout, drawing as observation and problem solving, identity and branding, packaging and point of purchase, exhibition design, publication and printing, and digital moving image. The course has a great resource base for you to use. Typically our students work on Apple Macs in computer labs, screen print and Letterpress print in our Printing Studios and build prototypes in the wood and metal workshops.


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Course Leader: Tim Shore
T: 01332 593187 (course leader)
01332 591167 (admissions)
01332 591698 (international)
01332 590500 (general)