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University of Derby Erasmus, The University of Derby is an ambitious, innovative and modern university in the UK focused on real world learning. Our main aim is to welcome and provide all students with a top class international experience and help them to develop their skills to ensure they succeed in their careers.

We have opportunities to study abroad, to work abroad, to learn new things, meet new people, experience new cultures and enjoy the university experience internationally. All these things are about giving staff and students the edge in the employment market and helping them start a great career – a better degree outcome, bigger and better employment opportunities.

Our university exchange programme will improve your employability, enable you to learn from each other, and bring home new ideas.

Discover some of the fantastic places to study and work abroad from the perspective of students and staff on our Go Places Go Further programme. If you’re already abroad, why not share your experience with us? Simply tag your posts with #GoPlacesGoFurther.

“It seems like the placement year concept is quite specific for students in the UK Originally from Romania, I decided to go to university in England, and when I heard about this opportunity of spending time in another European country via the Erasmus + scheme, I thought that this was unmissable.

I had initially been seeking placements in the UK until I heard about the Erasmus funding that encourages students to do a traineeship in a different European country. I saw great value in it, as I would be able to travel, get immersed in another culture and study a foreign language.