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University of Derby E Library, Gordon Brewer (Gordon Brewer is Head of Library and Learning Resources, University of Derby, UK. E‐mail:

University of Derby E Library, “The University of Derby Electronic Library: a case study of some economic and academic aspects of a local digitised collection”, Program, Vol. 36 Issue: 1, pp.30-37, doi: 10.1108/00330330210426102DOI


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University of Derby E Library, The changing objectives and priorities of the University of Derby Electronic Library (UDEL) are briefly described, from its origins as an electronic reserve project, through its role in delivering online support for distributed learning, to its potential as a core component of a more broadly based electronic library service. Although current costs suggest that it is not scalable into a comprehensive University‐wide service, it is a successful and popular format with a reading list‐based front end. Closer integration with other online resources is important to encourage students to expand their horizons beyond prescribed sources, and offers a possible development route encompassing all of the above functions. This is discussed in terms of both financial and academic implications, and in the context of the increasing availability and importance of access to online resources for both campus‐based and distance learning students. A particular emphasis in future strategy is the need to ensure an appropriate interface between electronic library services and the virtual learning environment being developed within the University.