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University of Derby Degree Classification

Degree classification

University of Derby Degree Classification, A weighted average of all marked credits at levels 5 and 6 is calculated, truncating to one decimal point:

Level 5 average x 0.2 + Level 6 average x 0.8

Where more than 120 credits have been achieved at a level, the highest marked 120 credits will be used for the calculation.

The weighted average will be compared with the threshold marks for each classification (see classification table) . If the weighted average mark is equal to or greater than the threshold mark, the student’s performance will be awarded that classification. No other measures are considered unless the result falls within the borderline range.

University of Derby Degree Classification, Classification table

ClassificationThreshold markBorderline range
First Class70%68-69.99%
Second class division 160%58-59.99%
Second class division 250%48-49.99%
Third classAchievement of credit requirementsfor honours see B4.4


University of Derby Degree Classification, Borderline consideration

If the weighted average falls into the borderline range, the profile of marks will be reviewed against a final level performance indicator (mark profile): at least 60 credits at level 6 must be at or above the threshold mark.

If the mark profile matches or exceeds the threshold mark, the student will be awarded the higher classification.

F14.2 Determination of Honours classification following Direct Entry or entry with Advanced Standing

  • If the mark average for the penultimate level cannot be calculated, e.g. because the student was a direct entry to the final stage or the student studied abroad for the whole of stage 2, the mark average for the final level will serve as the overall performance indicator.
  • Note specifically that in the case of a student who has achieved a Foundation degree and been admitted to the final stage of an Honours degree, this constitutes direct entry to the latter and the honours classification will be based on level 6 credits only.
  • Whilst learning recognised by APL may enable a student to qualify for an honours award, for an average mark to be calculated at either of the final two levels the student must have achieved at least 60 marked credits at the level concerned, by study at the University. If the level concerned is the final level, the mark profile requirement is that more than half the number of credits achieved at the final level must be seen to match or exceed the class of honours awarded.

The normal undergraduate regulations for assessment apply to modules at Levels 4, 5 and 6 and the normal postgraduate regulations apply to modules at Level 7.