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University of Derby 3RS, Having made the important decision to accept a place at the University of Derby – Buxton & Leek College we welcome you into our community.

We want to provide a positive environment for all so please be respectful towards all students, staff and visitors. We’re committed to promoting equality and will challenge discrimination.  We expect you to attend all of your lessons on time and to come prepared with your study resources.  During classes make sure your mobiles are turned off and out of sight.

It is important that you understand clearly what joining our college community means for you. There are both benefits and responsibilities. This statement will help you understand the spirit of the relationship between you, the college and the other members of our learning community – your fellow students and our staff.

In that sense this statement forms a Learning Agreement. The areas of support and responsibility detailed here are also areas that from our research our students have told us are important for their success.

Here at Buxton & Leek College we are committed to helping you make the most of your time studying with us. We want to challenge you intellectually and help you maximise your performance, enjoy your experience and achieve to your full academic potential.

There is also a range of support we pledge to offer, because being a student at Buxton & Leek College is demanding. We know this support is important to help you meet that challenge and succeed. This is support that we believe:

  • you have an entitlement to
  • you should expect to make use of
  • actively using it will benefit you in your studies with us

We want you to use this support as you need to and we want you to tell us about your experience to help us improve still further.

Being a member of the college community also gives you some responsibilities. These responsibilities are important in assisting you and other students to get the most from your time at college. Taking these responsibilities seriously and acting upon them will help to provide the right kind of environment for you and others to study, learn & grow.


Student Support

T: 0800 074 0099