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University of Derby 3G Pitch

University of Derby 3G Pitch, Why did you book out the 3G Pitch?

RW – “We wanted somewhere to play Football and have fun with the lads and also needed somewhere to improve Pritam’s skills.”

CL – “We had just finished an Exam and wanted somewhere to have a game of Footy where everyone knew.”

PP – “We phoned a group of mates and got everyone to come down, as for improving my skills I think Ryan was the one who lost the game we were playing!”

What’s good about the 3G?

PP – “As it’s on the University Campus its easily accessible for all students and everyone know where it is.”

RW – “I love the fact that we can use the Goals, they’re high quality and suitable for all different kinds of games.”

CL – “We like using it because it’s better than grass. Not sure why Ryan likes the Goals, he never seems to hit them?”

How did you book on?

CL – “I phoned up a group of mates that wanted a game of footy.”

PP – “It was definitely my idea! I thought the 3G was an ideal facility for us to use.”

RW – “Which left me to book it! I phoned up Team Derby Fitness, found out when it was free and paid before we got onto the pitch. Really easy process.”

Would you recommend booking it out?

PP – “Absolutely, I want to stay in shape over the Summer so having that facility helps me to do so.”

CL – “The prices are great as well. Between a group of friends it only works out as a few pound each.”

RW – “The price is a big factor for us all, some of our mates can be very tight but even they found it reasonable.”