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IT Services provide support and development of the IT systems used to provide a virtual learning environment for the university to allow staff to add resources for students to access online. Slides, video, audio and other pieces of content which are created outside of the VLE can be added into modules in the VLE to enhance teaching and learning efforts when away from campus. Features include:

  • Hosting of lecture materials (PowerPoint, video, links)
  • Collaboration with discussion boards, virtual classrooms
  • Built in links to Turnitin
  • Distance learning with remote delivery of courses available


Blackboard is your university virtual learning environment (VLE) used to enhance teaching and learning across the university. It allows your university to create a meaningful learning environment for all students and staff.

Blackboard supports the following business processes:

  • Teaching and learning – including teaching & learning activities, hosting of materials and delivery of teaching
  • Assessment – online tools for assessment and feedback. Grade Centre for grade management.
  • Student communication/information – repository for course information, announcements etc.
  • Digital by default/FDL/TEL – including access via dedicated mobile app.

Blackboard Mobile Learn – available on the Apple iStore and Google Play.

Staff – You can create a teaching place that offers handouts, discussion boards and links to video clips. You can set up a password-protected area that allows students to submit work. Your students are usually enrolled to your area of Blackboard when they start their course. However, you can also enroll students in the area. You can add a colleague, a guest lecturer, a second marker or a mentor.

Students – You can access information for your studies and you can submit assignments, get feedback and take part in discussions.

Please contact AQD for further information and FAQs on all aspects of Blackboard.