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This is an intensive, accelerated programme of study which requires highly motivated and committed people. There will be a mixture of practical sessions and traditional classroom learning, including lectures, group work and eLearning activities. Much of your studies will be self-directed and outside timetabled hours, allowing you to take responsibility for your own learning needs in meeting the demands of the accelerated programme.

The programme is taught by a team of experienced ultrasound practitioners both in the university and clinical setting. Top of the range ultrasound equipment and test phantoms, as well as simulated practice facilities (MedaPhor Scan Trainer), are available at the university to prepare you for your time on clinical placement. We currently have the largest MedaPhor ultrasound simulation lab in the world, which is an excellent advantage for our students.

Some of the formative clinical assessments will be performed using the Scan Trainer technology, ensuring you are confident in a range of basic skills before even attempting to scan a patient. The ultrasound machines and practice simulators are housed in a purpose built skills lab, where you will be able to consolidate your theoretical knowledge and practical skills during the academic blocks at university, ensuring you are adequately prepared with the appropriate skills, prior to each placement block.

You will be supported in developing your skills to become an autonomous practitioner, able to undertake advanced practice safely, by ensuring clinical competencies achieved meet national standards. You will have the opportunity for inter-professional learning during clinical placement through the sharing of best clinical practice. The development of critical, analytical and evaluative skills and incorporating these into the clinical environment, encouraging evidence based practice will be a fundamental part of the course.

The clinical placement sites have been working with the university for many years, supporting students through the traditional part-time route for sonographers, and have friendly, supportive and experienced staff to help them develop their clinical skills whilst maintaining strong links with the university.

Each module is credit rated. You may be assessed in various ways including coursework, presentations, reflective writing, verbal assessments, exams and reports. Assessment of clinical placements do not form part of the masters level assessed credits but is a requirement of the qualification and students will be assessed to ensure they are clinically competent in all areas before they can receive the award.

This course is accredited by the Consortium for the Accreditation of Sonographic Education (CASE). Students are required to be student members of the Society & College of Radiographers (SCoR) whilst in training, and on completion, registration with the SCoR’s voluntary register of Sonographers will be expected by employers.

Please note: This course outline may change subject to revalidation, although the course content and award will remain similar and in line with current national standards.

Closing date for January 2018 start is 14th July 2017. Late applicants may be considered based on placement availability.

Take part in an exciting new course designed specifically for those wishing to be ultrasound practitioners. You’ll learn all the professional knowledge and skills to work as a Sonographer* in the healthcare sector. A first in the UK, this programme is open to graduates from all backgrounds with clinical placements provided by NHS partners across the region, providing practical applications of the knowledge you learn from studying.

We have modules covering a range of ultrasound specialisms, from general medical purposes to obstetrics, gynaecology and basic vascular assessment. Our accelerated programme is perfect for highly motivated individuals willing to self-direct their studies, taking on the responsibility to continue learning outside timetabled hours. With a current skills shortage in medical ultrasound, it’s highly important to create trained professionals to meet the demand, so get started on a rewarding career through our direct entry course!

Enrolling students will be expected to complete the full award, it is not suitable for those wishing to only undertake a focused area of ultrasound. Unfortunately it is unavailbale for international students.

*’Sonographer’ is not currently a protected title in the UK and at this present time graduates will NOT be eligible to be registered with the HCPC, although it is hoped that this will become a possibility in the future. For this reason, employment may not be possible in certain NHS trusts and some private sector organisations, although many organisations already employ sonographers from non-traditional backgrounds.0