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TRAINEE TEACHERS` STANDARDS ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTORS: “COMMON FRAMEWORK”: 2016 – 2017 Making judgements about trainee attainment


The Common Framework is designed to support the University of Cumbria Partnership in securing accuracy and consistency in the assessment of their trainees. It is written in line with guidance from the NASBTT “Training and Assessment Toolkit” (2015). It is to be used in conjunction with UoC Partnership SPAR (Student Progress Assessment Record) and TPP (Tracking Pupil Progress) paperwork.


The Common Framework is intended to enable all school and university trainers and Cumbria Trainee Teachers to discuss and track progress over time against the

Teachers’ Standards and provide a formal recording mechanism for Cumbria Trainee Teachers’ progress and the impact of their teaching on pupil progress;


The key factor in judging the quality of teaching over time is the impact trainees’ teaching has on the quality of pupils’ learning & progress. When assessing the quality of trainees’ teaching over time reference should be made to the teachers’ standards in full and the bulleted sub headings should be used to: • track trainees’ progress against the teacher’s standards,

  • identify trainees ‘strengths
  • determine areas for additional development,

enable the identification of aspects of outstanding practice for ‘good’ (grade 2) trainees and good practice for trainees

  • who ‘require improvement’ (grade 3) in order to show that they are exceeding the minimum in aspects of the Teachers’ standards


The standards need to be applied as appropriate to the role and context within which the trainee is practising and they should be assessed against the standards in a way this is consistent with what could reasonably be expected of a trainee teacher prior to the award of QTS and for the stage of their training.