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University Of Cumbria Teaching Degree

This programme is for those who are interested in education, not necessarily in a school environment. The first year will introduce you to a number of different educational areas and will encourage you to gain work experience as you study. This work-based learning is a key aspect in enabling you to make links between theoretical aspects of learning with the more practical application within an educational setting.

Throughout the course we will provide support to develop your own employability skills, helping you to focus on the direction you want to take after graduation. Through the support of experienced tutors, who will take time to get to know you and properly explore options, you will be able to choose the right path to make the most of your studies at a professional level. Each year will provide opportunities to develop your research skills, and work-based learning will be negotiated with your personal tutor to match your needs.

Teaching can be an incredibly rewarding career for the right person, helping children improve their knowledge and making a positive contribution to the next generation. This isn’t only true of school teachers – lots of occupations require engaging professionals to help the development of children. If this sounds like you, then our course will get you started on the path to an exciting future in education. You will explore the underpinning fundamentals of education, including the historical and social development of teaching, as well as the philosophical, psychological and sociological theories on which modern education has been established.We provide the opportunity to engage with self-sourced and organised work-based learning, either through employment or voluntary work fitting around your studies. This isn’t just confined to schools – you’ll get the chance to work in nurseries, hospitals, museums and child development units to further expand your experience of the profession. You’ll gain the skills you need to move onto initial teacher training, putting you in the ideal position to apply for postgraduate studies leading to Qualified Teacher Status.We have a longstanding tradition of working in education – we are one of the largest trainers of school teachers in the country and have gained a reputation for being one of the best. You can be confident that our course will give you everything you need for a fulfilling career as a professional educator.We offer a couple of alternative routes for this course, including a foundation integrated degree and a Diploma of Higher Education.

Course Study Options

We also offer this course with an integrated foundation year – click the button for more information.

Integrated Foundation Year