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Early Years & Primary Initial Teacher Education

SPAR:Student Progress Assessment Record


Year/ Programme (e.g. PGCE):
Placement (B,D,E):
  Associate Tutor / Mentor:
Class Teacher:
    Partnership Tutor /PPL:
Age  Range  taught:
 Start / Finish  Dates o f Placement:


In order for you to start your placement you must have the following signatures: Personal

Tutor(PT)/PPL: during target-setting meeting with trainee prior to placement. Associate Tutor (AT) /Mentor: on or following final visit day or by end of first day of placement at latest (see also ‘PrePlacement Check List’ in this pack).

Personal Tutor/PPL:
Associate Tutor / Mentor*:

*or other nominated school-based colleague who also complete the Pre-Placement Checklist with the student




The SPAR is designed to track, monitor and evidence your journey from the start of your QTS course through to the end. It is to support you in tracking your progress and in meeting the required Teachers’ Standards. This is the key record of your professional and academic development and has been designed so that all tracking and assessment documentation is recorded and stored in one place.


  • is your record and you are responsible for ensuring that it is completed in an accurate and timely manner.
  • comprises all of the documentation that is completed during each placement phase (B, D or E)
  • should be kept in section 2 of your file and should be available for the AT/ Mentor and PPT to refer to and use as relevant
  • should be retained in paper form during all placement phases
  • individual forms are available in electronic form from

Using the SPAR

Placement informationComplete before placement and obtain the required signatures.
Trainee Teachers’




Also referred to as the Common Framework. Use with your AT / Mentor and PPT to discuss and track progress over time against the Teachers’ Standards by highlighting areas of strength and identifying areas for development in order to set short-term and longer-term developmental targets