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By | 18th May 2017

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University Of Cumbria Quality

University Of Cumbria Quality

The Academic Quality and Development (AQD) service is comprised of two teams; Quality Assurance team and Academic Enhancement & Innovation team. We are responsible for the management of the University’s quality assurance processes and enhancement framework, the enhancement of learning and teaching and for learning technology development and support.

The university’s academic regulations are designed to ensure the university is able to fulfil its responsibilities under the Articles of Government in exercising its degree awarding powers.

Academic Procedures and Processes

The Academic Procedures and Processes (including the Procedures and Processes for Collaborative Provision) expand on the Academic Regulations, providing more detail about how the Academic Regulations operate in practice.

The Academic Procedures and Processes contains the following:

The arrangements for External Examining is detailed in a number of procedures:

AQD also has a page dedicated to External Examiners.

Academic Appeals Procedures (Appx 5) – This defines academic appeals and details how the University considers and acts upon claims.

Procedure for the award of Credit for Prior Learning (APL) (Appx 6)

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) guidance available

Degree and Award Ceremony Procedures (Appx 7)

Policy and Procedures for Collaborative Provision – This defines Collaborative Provision and details the processes in place to approve and manage collaborative partnerships. AQD has a page dedicated to collaborative provision. Collaborative Provision is more widely supported by the Academic Collaborative Provision team.

Contact Us

Head of Service: Jess Robinson tel: 01524 590800 (ext 2246)

Quality Assurance: Alice Helm-Alabaster tel: 01524 384326 (ext 4326)

Academic Enhancement & Innovation: Dr Esther Jubb tel: 01524 590800 (ext 2729)