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University Of Cumbria Printing Service description

All university computers are linked to a printer with most linked to printers that also photocopy and scan (Multi-functional Devices or MFDs). Full details of the functionality of MFDs can be obtained from Facilities Management.

The printing facility is a chargeable service and the charging software is called PCounter. This software is implemented and supported by IT Services.

Students: How to pay

You’ll need some credit on your Cumbria card first. To add credit to your Cumbria Card, insert it in an Autoloader (printing credit machine) and follow the instructions. All new students start with a £1 credit after which you’ll need to use an Autoloader to add some more.

Finding an Autoloader

You can add credit to your Cumbria Card at the following locations:

  • Ambleside: Charlotte Mason Building
  • Carlisle (Fusehill Street): outside the security office, Bowscale
  • Lancaster: Harold Bridges Library entrance foyer
  • Penrith: Room CCL010 on the ground floor of the library.

Want to check your credit balance?

Log on to a university computer.

  • Hover, with your mouse, over the black £ icon on the bottom right side of the screen. A pop-up box appears, displaying your credit balance.
  • At Brampton Road: the icon is on the top right of the screen.

Everyone prints

If you want to print from a device that is not a university computer, then you can use use the EveryonePrint system.

The system allows staff and students to use email to send documents to the university’s MFDs.

You can use your Cumbria Card to collect your documents from any university printer – full details of how to use the service can be found on the website.

Print unit

We also have an on site print unit to provide a full range of printing, copying and finishing work.

All printers and MFDs are provided and maintained by Facilities Management.

Service owner:  Technical Services Manager

System manager: Infrastructure Leader

Stakeholders: Staff, Students, Guests

Service support

How this service is supported

Service availability: This service is available 24/7.

Service escalation: Issues with this service will get escalated through the IT Service Desk to the Infrastructure Leader after eleven days. However, any issues with printing devices will get escalated to Facilities Management or Konica Minolta.

Support hours: 8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday, excluding Bank Holidays

Supporting policies or procedures:  All supporting policies or procedures for this service can be obtained from Facilities Management .

Supporting Documentation: All supporting documentation for this service can be obtained from Facilities Management.