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Key Assessment Point (KAP) forms

As part of the above developments, which commenced in September 2009, the documentation relating to the previous key assessment points, as well as interview forms, was brought into line with the GTA document. This meant that the previous assessment system, based on so-called Personal Development forms, was changed into a system employing Key Assessment Point (KAP) forms. In short, the times at which trainee progress was assessed did not change, but the framework for assessment did. Links to the KAP forms can be found below here: KAP1 (postgraduate), KAPS (undergraduate short/serial placements) KAP2, KAP3 and KAP4.

Embedding this new approach became a key focus of our mentor training programmes. One of the issues we discovered when undertaking reviews of student progress in school was that mentors were showing a reluctance to award a grade 1 to trainees because the mentors had a tendency to think in terms of a grade 1 for teachers, rather than for trainees; and this is despite the clear-cut descriptors, the mentor training and the fact that discussions about progression take place twice a year in a tripartite format (trainee, subject mentors and subject tutor) within the school context. In addition to continuing to develop a joint understandings of these new processes, the final column of the GTA document was amended through the addition of the words ‘very good/outstanding’ for the grade 1 column, instead of just ‘outstanding’. Additionally the expanded criteria guidance was reviewed so that the language reflected trainees’ needs rather than serving teachers.