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Journals are academic or professional publications that are published periodically throughout the year. They contain research, academic discourse and features written by experts in their field and are key resources for your studies.

Why should I use them?

  • For up-to-date information and cutting-edge research.
  • For a depth of detail not always found in books.
  • For wider reading and developing your knowledge of a subject.
  • For better marks in assignments.


Use OneSearch to find everything that the library has to offer including print books, electronic books, journals and more…


You can OneSearch to search for journal articles on a particular subject. OneSearch is a powerful resource discovery service that searches across a large number of journal collections at once making it a quick, simple way to locate journal articles for your assignments.


 Journals A-ZjournalAtoZ

This is a directory of all the journals available at the University of Cumbria, both print and electronic format. Use this list to see if the Library subscribes to a particular journal, or to locate a specific article using a reference.

See getting full text for more information on using the Journals A-Z.

How do I set up journal alerts?

If we don’t subscribe to your journal

If LiSS does not subscribe to the journal you need, you can request a photocopy of the article from the British Library at a cost of £3.00 per article (for students). Forms are available at the service desks or you can print off a copy from here – Interlibrary loan request form.  Fill in all the details – the form must be signed – and hand in the form at your local library service desk with the payment.