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If you are struggling to complete an assignment by the deadline you may be able to arrange a new deadline to give you some extra time. You need to a valid reason for an extension, so leaving things too late won’t count!. You will need to collect an extension request form from your Course Information Point to hand in to your Module Tutor. When they are approved, most extensions are for a maximum of 14 days but in exceptional circumstances you may be given a little longer. No extensions can be given past the date that the Module Assessment Board is scheduled to meet.


During your course will be asked to submit a number of different formats of assignments, which may include; essays, portfolios, projects or other types of coursework. All coursework is governed by Appendix 3c. The Conduct of Assessment of the University of Cumbria Academic Procedures and Processes, a copy of which can be accessed here.

Online submission

The University requires all suitable coursework to be submitted online.  Some forms of assessment are unsuitable for online submission and arrangements for the submission or presentation of such work will be set out in your Module Guide.

Work submitted is both submitted and received through password protected, secure sites. Assignments should not be submitted via email as this is not considered to be a secure method of submission. Your Module Leader will advise you of the arrangements for online submission for each piece of work.  Assessment information is also provided in Module Guides which you should find on your Module Blackboard site.

Where there is network failure and Blackboard, Pebblepad or Turnitin or the University network is not accessible at the time of submission, or in the 12 hour period before that time, the submission deadline will be amended to the next working day on which Blackboard, Pebblepad or Turnitin or the network becomes available.