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University Of Cumbria Extending Placement

University Of Cumbria Extending Placement

All Extending Placements: E ach student should:

• Demonstrate a professional approach to appearance, behaviour, timekeeping and attendance.
• Arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the school/setting day. Allow time for completing relevant responsibilities at the end of the day (not to leave before 4:30pm unles s circumstances are agreed with school)
• F ollow the guidance set out in the Generic Placement Handbook for giving notice of absence.
• Be directly involved in teaching and learning support building up to and sustaining 70% of the weekly timetable
• Allocate the remaining time to observing teaching; familiarisation with school organisation / routines; planning and preparation and evaluation of progress.
• Observe the teaching of Systematic Synthetic Phonics and Guided Reading
• Be observed (with feedback) teaching one in a minimum sequence of 3 Phonics & Guided Reading sessions.
• Undertake small scale Professional Development Activities (PDA) set by tutors: to be shared and discussed with the AT on visits days / at the beginning of the placement. This includes monitoring and pupil profiling (see generic placement handbook)
• Develop a Class Profile evidencing pupil progress overtime.
• Ensure all lesson plans and class trackers are annotated in terms of your teaching and the children’s learning is clearly linked to future plans.
• There is a minimum expectation of 1 in depth lesson evaluation in a core subject and 1 other each week. This feeds into your Class profile as evidence of the Pupil Progress
Long Block: All Students/ All Programmes

Time Student’s Role Associate Tutor’s Role Class Teacher’s Role PPT / PPL’s Role

Before placement •      Audit of subject experience in previous placements, including topics taught

•      Meet with Personal tutor & set

initial targets

•       Brief colleagues on placement.   •     Consider placement

set-up implications for student, class, yourself.

  •      Give contact

details and advice/supp

ort to all as required.