University Of Cumbria Deputy Vice Chancellor

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University Of Cumbria Deputy Vice Chancellor

Rosy Crehan

  • Interim Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic
  • University Executive Group, University Management Team

We are dedicated to offering the highest standard of higher education and aim to bring the benefits of that education to individuals, communities and economies. Here, you will find our commitments to delivering on these aims.

Our Mission

The University of Cumbria provides and promotes excellent and accessible higher education which enhances the lives of individuals, supports the needs of our local economies, and fosters the development of the communities to which we belong.

Our Vision

By 2025 the University of Cumbria will be a leading force in regional growth. Working closely with educational and development agencies, with business, and with the public sector we will drive change, foster aspiration, and revitalise communities. We will be a catalyst for positive change.

Our Values

Our actions will reflect our core values of:

Respect: we take pride in being an inclusive community where colleagues and students support and learn from one another, creating an enriching environment

Professionalism: together our colleagues and students form a community of professionals pursuing excellence through intellectual enquiry and practical application, becoming partners in delivering our vision

Aspiration: through fostering aspiration in our colleagues and students we explore new opportunities, and individually and collectively we achieve extraordinary things

Integrity: we believe in this institution and what we are trying to achieve, and take collective responsibility to make a positive impact in our communities.

Download our Corporate Strategy 2015-18 for more information.