University Of Cumbria Brampton Road Parking

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University Of Cumbria Brampton Road Parking


LocationPermit typePrices
All campusesSalary Band 1 – Up to £10,500£50.50
All campusesSalary Band 2 – £10,500 – £15,000£107.40
All campusesSalary Band 3 – £15,000 – £25,000£132.40
All campusesSalary Band 4 – £25,000 – £35,000£154.20
All campusesSalary Band 5 – £35,000 – £42,000£197.90
All campusesSalary Band 6 – Over £42,000£232.10
All campusesCar Share£41.00
All campuses12-week permits£43.70
All campusesZero VED permit50% discount on any of the above permit prices
Carlisle United Football Club£15.00 / month (min. 3 months)

Apply for a staff parking permit

Salary sacrifice and staff car parking

Staff car parking permits are available through a salary sacrifice scheme, which works in a similar way to other University salary sacrifice schemes currently in operation, i.e. childcare vouchers and cycle scheme. The salary sacrifice arrangement will work on an ‘opt-out’ basis. Full details on the scheme are available on the FAQs, or contact Payroll by email at

Carlisle United Football Club

Parking for staff and students is also available at Carlisle United Football Club on Warwick Road, a 12-minute walk from Fusehill Street campus.

Permits for this car park need to be purchased and displayed. This is not operated by the University nor the University’s parking Operator and local rules should be observed. Contact details are provided below.

Apply for a Carlisle United parking permit

Carlisle Business Interaction Centre (CBIC)

Free disk zome parking (1 or 2 hours) is available at various locations throughout Carlisle City Centre. Parking discs are available from CBIC reception.

Brampton Road

Vehicle access to the Brampton Road campus is only available from Brampton Road. Drivers entering and exiting the pay and display car parking area should exercise particular caution as visibility is compromised by the wall.