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University Of Cumbria Blackboard is your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used to enhance teaching and learning across the university. It allows your university to create a meaningful learning environment for students and staff.

How we all use Blackboard

Each course has its own set of web pages. They are the default place for you to find key information. Content on the web pages depends on your course but will give you access to course information, course materials, relevant web links and an online discussion board.

For staff

You can create a teaching place that offers handouts, discussion boards and links to video clips. You can set up a password-protected area that allows students to submit work.

Your students are usually enrolled to your area of Blackboard when they start their course. However, you can also enrol students in the area.

You can add a colleague, a guest lecturer, a second marker or a mentor.

For students

You can access information for your studies and you can submit assignments, get feedback and take part in discussions. Find out more.

Accessing Blackboard

To open Blackboard remotely or from a university computer:

  1. Go to the Home page of your university website and select Current Students on the top right.
  2. Choose Blackboard from the list of links.
    You can bookmark the actual url:
  3. Enter your Network username and password.
  4. When Blackboard opens, you can see a list of the Blackboard modules that you have access to. There is also support and help on getting started.

Problems and issues?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Copyright and Blackboard

There are a set of copyright and Blackboard FAQs for tutors that explain the issues they should be aware of when they are developing Blackboard modules – please contact AQD for further information