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Welcome toUniversity Of Cumbria Alumni. This is a fun page for all, whether you are a recent UoC graduate or an alumnus from one of our legacy colleges (St.Martin’s, Cumbria College of Art and Design or Charlotte Mason) you are most welcome here. Please feel free to post your photos and happy memories, we LOVE to hear these!

Alumni Relations aims to ensure that the graduate community enjoys a rewarding and enduring involvement with the University through social and educational activities, careers advice and professional networking, advocacy and philanthropic support or just keeping in touch with friends.

‘Alumni’ (plural) simply means graduates, ‘alumnus’ is the singular.

As soon as you graduate you become a member of the alumni association, an international network of over 40,000 graduates. Whether you knew us as Cumbria Institute of the Arts, St. Martin’s College, Charlotte Mason or University of Cumbria, your relationship with us will continue for life.

There are no joining fees, no need to sign up, we will email you as soon as you graduate.  All we ask is that you keep your contact details up to date.  We actively encourage alumni from our ‘legacy institutions’ to get back in touch too.

As an alumnus you will receive exclusive alumni benefits and services, the latest news, event invites and opportunities to stay connected to Cumbria and each other.