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Our accommodation services are dedicated to managing university accommodation, both on and off campus. As well as our student residences, the team can also help with student housing in Lancaster, Carlisle and Ambleside. We also guarantee a place in our Halls of Residences for first choice applicants.

The Student Accommodation Code protects your rights to a safe, good quality place to live. It outlines everything you should expect from your university or college accommodation as well as your responsibilities as a tenant. This includes the following 6 key areas:


A healthy, safe environment

The Code makes sure that your accommodation is signed up to all necessary health and safety standards.

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Timely repairs and maintenance

Your university or college is responsible for ensuring your accommodation (including outside areas) is in a good state of repair and that you know how to report a problem.


A clean, pleasant living environment

Your accommodation should offer good heating, lighting, hot water and ventilation – all that goes without saying.


A formal, contractual relationship with your landlord

As a tenant, you should have a formal contract with your university or college, as your landlord.


Access to health and wellbeing services

It can be tough living away from home, so it’s good to know that your residence will provide information about the support services available.

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A living environment free from anti-social behaviour

No one likes anti-social behaviour, and your residence should have procedures in place to help make sure everyone is treated with respect.