University for the creative arts study abroad

University for the creative arts study abroad

Study Abroad

Broaden your horizons with international opportunities

Your university experience at UCA can reach far beyond the South East of England.

Enhance your career prospects and gain new skills by studying and working abroad. Boost your employability by developing cross cultural understanding, foreign language skills and a global mindset. Develop links with key emerging economies and form networks to set you up in your future careers.

Living in another country, you’ll experience new places, people, cultures and possibilities. You’ll develop initiative, independence, motivation and, depending on where you go, a working knowledge of another language – all qualities employers are looking for.

University for the creative arts study abroad

Outgoing exchange FAQs

  • What are the differences between Erasmus and International exchange?

    Erasmus exchange takes place in European countries and the international exchange takes place in countries outside Europe. The funding available is different for each option.

  • Can I go to any university abroad?

    No, you can only go to a university with which UCA has a prior agreement. Please see our  of the institutions available by campus and course.

  • Do I have to pay tuition fees?

    Because the duration of the exchange period is only one term or semester students pay standard fees at UCA and no fees at the host University.

  • How much will it cost?

    It is not possible to provide an estimate of how much it will cost as this depends on a number of factors. You will not have to pay any tuition fees to the host institution.  However, you will need to consider the following:

    – Accommodation
    – Travel costs
    – Insurance – additional medical insurance in some countries
    – Visa (if applicable)
    – Living expenses, eg food
    – Other costs, eg study books