University for the creative arts scholarships

University for the creative arts scholarships

UCA support for degree courses

To help you with the cost of living during your studies, we offer a range of scholarships with varying application criteria. We also have the Financial Assistance Fund which can support you if you’re experiencing financial difficulties.

UCA bursary

UCA Bursary for continuing students

If you have been eligible to receive a UCA bursary previously, you will continue to receive a UCA Bursary for each year of your undergraduate studies at UCA up to a maximum of three years (if you are studying a three year course) or four years (if you are studying a four year course), provided you continue to fulfill the eligibility criteria laid out below. Our bursary schemes and the amounts we pay vary according to the year you started at UCA.

University for the creative arts scholarships

  • Eligibility criteria

    To qualify for a bursary, you must:

    • Be a full-time undergraduate student
    • Live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland
    • Have a qualifying means-assessed annual household income
    • Be paying full fees of at least £9,000 a year
    • Receive the government’s tuition fee loan and full maintenance loan for living costs through Student Finance England, Wales or Northern Ireland.
  • How to apply

    You don’t need to fill in a separate application for a bursary. We’ll automatically check your eligibility using the data you provided to the Student Loan Company for student finance.

    So that we can access this information, please make sure that you (and any sponsors) give your consent for the Student Loan Company to share your financial information with us.

    University for the creative arts scholarships

    Financial support for postgraduate courses

    • Other important information

      We cannot answer individual enquiries regarding bursaries. If you are approved for an award, you can expect to receive confirmation in writing around the middle of December and expect to receive payment from the following February.

      You must be actively engaged in study at the time of payment and should understand that the University may seek repayment from you if you are ineligible at time of payment.

      Please note, there is no longer a UCA bursary available to any student who started their course prior to the 2012/13 academic year or any student who started their course from 2012/13 onwards and who is liable for the lower full regulated tuition fees of £3,465.

    • Contact us

      If you have any questions about our bursaries please contact: