University for the creative arts research

University for the creative arts research

Research & Development at UCA

     Our purpose is to nurture extraordinary graduates, practitioners and projects across the creative arts. This is underpinned by our vision to be a powerhouse of learning and discovery, whose research excellence is recognised nationally and globally.

Research is one of our major strengths, and we have a vibrant and progressive research base. We believe that research is fundamental to the pursuit of academic excellence within a specialist arts university. Growing an international research culture is central to the development of the courses that we offer, and every piece of research we embark on authenticates our core values of freedom, experimentation, collaboration, criticism and rigour.


University for the creative arts research

Postgraduate Research

Here at UCA we have a dynamic research culture and our staff maintain a high profile at the forefront of their disciplines, regularly showcasing their work through exhibitions, publications, conferences, seminars and work in the community.As a postgraduate research student you will have the freedom to pursue your own research across a range of subject areas, with the ongoing support of teaching staff. You’ll be encouraged to use our wide range of facilities and research centres housed on each campus to support your research.

We are currently reviewing the validation arrangements for our research degrees, further information will be available in 2017.

Our research centres

At UCA, we have a number of specialised and internationally acclaimed research centres. These centres bring researchers and academic staff together, often attracting external funding to undertake projects with industry, commerce and independent professionals

Established in 1995, the Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD) leads and participates in a range of externally commissioned research projects. It has organised over 100 conferences, workshops and training programmes focused on sustainable innovation and product sustainability, including its own Sustainable Innovation conference.

Working with business, policymaking and research communities in Europe, North America and Asia, the CfSD has considerable experience in global manufacturing industries, information and communication technologies and sustainable building products.

university for the creative arts research

The International Textile Research Centre at UCA builds on the work of The Anglo-Japanese Textile Research Centre, which was established at UCA in 2004 to develop networks within and between the UK and Japan. These networks embraced contemporary textile practice, educational establishments, funding organisations and exhibition venues in the two countries. As projects have developed, networks and connections have extended beyond the UK and Japan to those countries where textile practice occupies a corresponding position.

In 2014, UCA decided that the research outcomes and interest of The Anglo-Japanese Textile Research Centre now encompass many different cultures and approaches – and The International Textile Research Centre at UCA was established. The Centre currently has nine PhD students, and its outstanding work has been acknowledged as world leading (4*) in REF 2014.

The Crafts Study Centre (CSC) is an internationally recognised museum of contemporary craft and a hub of crafts research, making it a high-profile resource centre for UK and international craft practitioners, historians and theorists.

The CSC has a unique collection of modern British craft that embraces calligraphy, ceramics, furniture, wood and textiles, with over 30,000 artefacts in total.

As a research centre of the University, hosted by the Library & Student Services, the Centre for Digital Scholarship pursues new knowledge and interpretations to resolve the challenges facing digital infrastructure, curation and engagement with digital resources in the visual arts.

As such it engages in institutional, disciplinary and cross-disciplinary, national and international collaborations and research projects that advance knowledge, secure resources and make a positive contribution to the University’s strategic objectives and operational needs.

Building upon excellence in the field of digital collections, particularly The Visual Arts Data Service (VADS), the Centre has expanded its role to include technology enhanced research and pedagogic practice. Within the University, the Centre explores the benefits and potential of new and emerging technologies to inform, enhance and embed innovative and outstanding practice within learning, teaching, research and knowledge transfer activities.

Externally, the Centre supports the Library & Student Services and University in developing a national and international reputation for excellence in the infrastructure, curation and engagement of digital resources to enhance scholarship in the visual arts and beyond.

The Visual Arts Data Service

Visual Arts Data Service