University for the creative arts portfolio

University for the creative arts portfolio

Portfolio advice

   As the UK’s highest ranking creative arts university in London and the South East, we want to attract the best and most creative minds in the country – so we take a balanced approach to candidate assessment, taking both individual portfolios and exam results into account.

Your portfolio can be an especially important part of your application to study with us – and we can help. If you’re thinking of studying with us, an impressive portfolio will help to demonstrate your practical and creative ability, and will give that extra edge to your application. Creating a portfolio is your opportunity to identify and refine your artistic aspirations and could be the key to securing the place you want on a pre-degree or degree course.

   A portfolio is a collection of your work that demonstrates a range of skills and creative talent. It’s your opportunity to showcase your individuality, creativity, inspirations and artistic abilities, and is a useful way for us to evaluate your suitability for the course you’ve applied to. It might contain: design work, drawings or art projects; photographs; films; sound work; music composition or examples of creative writing or essays.

Think of your portfolio as a statement about your work – it should exhibit your creative journey, thought processes and influences. Don’t be afraid to be bold and appeal to a viewer, keeping their attention and leaving them feeling excited about your creative potential.

University for the creative arts portfolio

Preparing for audition

If you’ve applied to our Acting & Performance course, you may have prepared a ‘classical’ and a ‘modern’ piece for your audition. Perform the text you feel most comfortable with – it could be something you’ve written yourself, or some students choose text from a film. Please know the text thoroughly, the play or film it comes from and the author. You’ll be asked to perform it in at least one ‘different’ way so you need to be secure with the text. You should be ready to discuss the character who says it and where it’s situated in the play or film.

Not all of our courses require a portfolio. Check the relevant course information to find out whether you’ll need to prepare one as part of your application. Even if you’re not asked to supply a portfolio, if you have creative work you’d like to share as part of your application and interview with us, we’d love to see it and understand more about you and your interests.