University for the creative arts email

University for the creative arts email


Problem or query regarding your ucreative email?

At the University, we have Microsoft Outlook on both PC’s and Mac’s, there is also has a web version which you can use from home, Web mail (OWA).

Mailbox Size Limit
All of our staff email accounts have a size limit of 1GB. The size of your mailbox cannot be increased. You will receive an automated email from our email server warning you of your increasing mailbox size.

Attachment Size Limit
There is a 10MB limit on the size of attachments that can be sent.

Managing your Email

If your email is filling up regularly, the best way to manage your mailbox is to create an archive email folder. This folder is saved on another server so that it doesn’t contribute to the size of your mailbox. This means that you can save any emails in the archive folder that you wish to keep.

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Email Management Policy

University for the creative arts email

Receiving ucreative Email with a Mobile Phone

The address of the mail server is and the domain is ucreative

Troubleshooting tips for general email problems

Microsoft Outlook (Desktop version):

If you are experiencing problems whilst in email, please try the following:

  • Check the bottom right hand corner of your email when you are in it, does it say connected or disconnected? If it says disconnected, click on the little black arrow head beside it and remove the tick beside “work offline” by clicking on it. Then go to the top of your email and select send and receive on the tool bar to see if your emails start coming in or it shows connected at the bottom of the screen. (Your email can go offline for a number of reasons, but this is normally due to server connection problems, so check with the IT Service Desk if you are unsure)
  • Make sure that you have spring cleaned your email by deleting anything out of your email that you no longer need. This includes the sent and deleted items. As our mailbox sizes are limited, by letting them get too full, you may not be able to send or receive new mail until you have made some room.
  • Try logging out of email and back in again.
  • Try shutting down and restarting especially if staff have been informed of any problems on the network.
  • Log a call with the IT Service Desk and they can check your email account for you.

University for the creative arts email

Web mail