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Degree overview

This innovative distance-learning Open degree programme has been designed to be flexible, enabling students in any location to work at a pace that fits in with their particular situation and commitments. The course materials have been written by published writers with experience both of working at an appropriate level of professional excellence in the literary genre concerned, and of teaching students about it. The course tutors are likewise selected on the basis of having practical experience as writers and pedagogical experience as teachers. The number of tutors involved on OCA’s creative writing Open degree programme means that students have access to a wide range and diversity of literary expertise, rather than being reliant on only a handful of teachers.

Each of the constituent course units is assessed by five or six assignments. Students are also encouraged to keep self-reflective learning logs by means of which they can monitor their own learning process and keep their work under critical review. Students are supported throughout by one-to-one contact with tutors, who provide detailed feedback on an individual basis. The Creative Writing degree course units provide students with the opportunity to gain and/or develop a suite of intellectual and practical skills that are necessary for effective writing, but that are also readily transferable to other contexts where good communication, clear expression, coherent thinking and the ability to read critically are valued.

University for the creative arts creative writing

The OCA BA (Hons) Creative Writing degree programme is sensitive to the fact that students will be enrolling at different levels of writing expertise. Some will be novices for whom this is a first serious foray into creative writing and want to become a writer of published works; others may already have a portfolio of published work behind them. Whatever they bring with them to their degree, studying through OCA will provide a structured and supportive context within which they may foster their formation as writers and gain educational validation for their work. The Level 6 units have been designed to afford an opportunity to focus on a large-scale creative project. Your progression towards its production is facilitated by a mentoring model of tutor-student relationship; students are able to choose their tutor at this level, selecting the specific individual whose specialist expertise most closely matches the nature of the work envisaged.

Important notice

This course has been withdrawn for 2017 entry.

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