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University for the creative arts animation

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Animation is one of the most significant and rapidly expanding media fields. An enormous range of career opportunities exist in animation, from the traditional techniques of animation storytelling to drawn, model and CGI animation.

Alumni of our BA (Hons) Animation course include over twenty Oscar and BAFTA winners, as well as numerous nominees and many other award winners who have maintained UCA’s reputation for creativity and innovation in a vibrant and ever expanding animation industry.

From Peppa Pig, the Meerkats, and Fantastic Mr Fox, to Frankenweenie, Simon’s Cat, and Hey Duggee, many of our Animation students have gone on to become renowned animators, directors, filmmakers and producers in the world of animation.

University for the creative arts animation

Course overview:

Established in 1972 by Academy Award winner Bob Godfrey as the UK’s first course to take an academic approach to animation, we pride ourselves on giving our students a comprehensive understanding of frame-by-frame image manipulation using the ever expanding range of creative techniques.

Whether you want to make films using CGI software such as Autodesk Maya, use the latest 2D drawing processes or produce stop-motion films shot in our professionally equipped studios, you’ll be encouraged to follow your passions as you discover and develop your own creative approach to animation.

Guided and supported by our team of highly experienced and well-connected tutors alongside a broad range of visiting industry professionals, you’ll discover that animation is so much more than making moving images.

You’ll develop a deeper understanding of narrative, character development, movement, sound, and the full range of expressive and personal filmmaking techniques contemporary animation now uses.

As a long-established degree course, we’ve built an extensive network of industry connections, giving us access to high-profile visiting lecturers, commissions, competitions and exciting work-placement opportunities.