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Yana Richens

Dr Yana Richens

Research Group Lead


Current research projects in midwifery area at UCLH

Rapid logo RAPID (Reliable Accurate Prenatal non-Invasive Diagnosis) is a five-year UK national programme funded by the National Institute for Health Research. It aims to improve the quality of NHS prenatal diagnostic services by evaluating early non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD) based on cell-free fetal DNA and RNA in maternal plasma.
Everrest logo The Everrest  aims to collect a detailed database of information about what happens to mothers and babies affected by severe early-onset FGR. This will help us understand more about why severe early onset FGR happens and may help us to develop tests we can use in the future to predict who will be affected and what complications babies are likely to have.
Support logo SuPPoRT – Stitch,Progesterone or Pessary – looks at prevention of pre-term birth in women who develop a short cervix. A multi-centre randomised controlled trial to compare three treatments; cervical cerclage, cervical pessary and vaginal progesterone.
Stich logo Stich is a randomised controlled trial of monofilament versus braided sutures for insufficient cervix.
Petra logo Petra is a prospective cohort study aiming to develop and validate a risk assessment tool for use in women with symptoms of threatened preterm labour.
Phoenix logo Phoenix is a multi-centre randomised trial to determine whether delivery in women with pre-eclampsia between 34+0 and 36+6 weeks of gestation reduces maternal complications without short and long term detriment to the infant compared to expectant management and delivery at 37 weeks of gestation.
Stoppit 2 logo Stoppit-2 study aims to determine whether the Arabin cervical pessary prevents preterm birth in women with a twin pregnancy and short cervix. Women with a twin pregnancy are at high risk of preterm labour.
BabyBiome logo The Baby Biome Study aims to find out how microbes, the immune system and clinical factors during pregnancy, birth, and throughout childhood work together to influence health in later life.

INFORMMED – INvestigation into Fear Of biRth using a Mixed MEthods Design – is a PhD study funded by NIHR using Fear of Birth tool and salivary cortisol to assess Fear of birth.

Links & resources for Nursing & Allied Health

The Queen Square Library offers a range of resources for nurses and allied health staff.

  • Books & journals: the library maintains a small collection of nursing books and two specialist neuro-nursing journals (British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing & Journal of Neuroscience Nursing).
  • Space & computer access: The library offers a quiet space to work away from the wards, and also provides access to eight UCLH computers.
  • Online search tools: a wide range of online resources is available via the library website. Key resources include specialist databases for nurses and allied health staff (e.g. British Nursing Index, CINAHL, Medline, PsycInfo) which allow you to search for articles which have been published on a particular topic.
  • Online journals: many articles are accessible online. Check the ejournals lists to see which ones are available. NHS staff have access to NHS-purchased ejournals (you can access these from anywhere, just register for an NHS Athens Account) and also to many UCL-purchased ejournals (you can access these from the university-networked PCs in the Queen Square Library).

Useful links

We hope you will also find the following links useful. Please contact us if there are any links you would like us to add.

UCL/UCLH have a joint Centre for Nurse and Midwife-led Research (CNMR) and a UCLH Nurse and Midwife Research Strategy has been developed. Visit the CNMR website for more details.