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University College Birmingham Volunteering

Employers look to recruit staff with the right combination of skills, experience and specialised knowledge. You will be at a major advantage when applying for a job, whatever course you are studying, if you have experience of a work environment.

As well as helping our students to find part-time or voluntary work whilst studying (see: GET Hired), there are opportunities to gain valuable work experience on most of our courses.

Depending on your course, the work experience could be anything from one day a week to an entire year’s placement, working full-time.

Employability Tutors will suggest employers for work experience (taking into account your level of skills and knowledge), depending on your course and will place you with an appropriate employer to complete your mandatory practical course requirements.

The rewards of work experience

University College Birmingham can help you achieve your goals by getting the most out of work experience. The benefits include:

  • Gaining practical experience in the industry you wish to work in, building your self-esteem, initiative and independence and learning about career pathways
  • Achieving higher grades on your course because the workplace skills and knowledge you gain can be applied to your studies
  • The possibility of a job offer when you graduate if you perform well on a placement
  • Improving your job opportunities because employers like to see work experience on CVs and will be more likely to consider you for a position
  • Working as part of a team